Study Chinese in China – 1 on 1

Study Chinese in China with our 1 on 1 classes and make rapid progress with your Mandarin language skills.

Our individual program located in Beijing is taught by our expert teachers who have many year’s experience teaching Mandarin.

Each teacher will tailor your program to suit your language needs so you get the most out of your time with LTL Mandarin School.

Study Chinese in China - Individual Chinese Classes

  • First rate teaching and lessons
  • Classes planned around you
  • Make quicker progress with 1 on 1
  • Pre Chinese course assessment
  • Flexible lesson arrangement
  • Make friends at LTL
  • Support around the clock

Before coming to China you will undertake an assessment with us so we can understand your current level of Mandarin. This allows us to prepare your lessons exactly how you wish so when you arrive you make speedy progress.

NOTE – The assessment can take place via Whatsapp, Skype or a phone call from the comfort of your own home.

  • Full Time Individual Chinese Classes

    Full Time Individual Chinese Classes

    Rapid Progression – The most effective way to learn is 1 on 1
    Unique – Everyone is different and so are your classes
    Everything Covered – You decide what you want to learn most
    Intense – 20 or 30 hours per week will see your Chinese improve fast

  • Mandarin Course to fit you

    Mandarin Course to fit you

    Fine Tune – Let us create the Chinese Course you want
    Flexibility – No rigid structure. We work around your schedule
    Excellent Value – Sign up for longer, enjoy greater discount
    One or more Teachers – Whatever you prefer, we’ll strive to provide

  • Every Student Counts

    Every Student Counts

    Personal – No one is just a number, every individual matters
    24-7 Support – Our staff and student advisors are here for you
    Advice – Want help where to go, where to eat? We can advise
    Have fun – In lessons, after class, with students. Enjoy the vibe

  • Join the LTL Family

    Join the LTL Family

    Community – Staff, students and teachers. We all mix
    Lunch Club – Join us for Lunch everyday of the week
    Friends – Make friends to last a lifetime at LTL
    Social Club – Join our events every week with other students

What do LTL Students think about our 1-on-1 Classes?

Full Time Individual Mandarin Classes

Full time 1 on 1 classes are the most effective way to improve your Chinese language skills in the quickest time possible. We offer 3 different individual Chinese courses which are outlined below:

Standard Individual Chinese Course – 20 hours of Chinese lessons per week. This can be with one or two teachers, this can depend on preference and teacher availability. Lessons will be tailored around you and you decide what you want to learn and at what pace.

Intensive Individual Chinese Course – This includes 30 hours of Mandarin a week which is broken down in 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday. A sure fire way to rapidly enhance your Mandarin ability.

Small Group and Individual Chinese Course – 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week is broken down into 20 hours of small group class and 10 hours individual. 4 hours of group classes per day and 2 hours individual.

Whichever individual program you decide to take on you will be welcomed to the LTL community with open arms. Despite studying by yourself you will still make friends, socialise and very much be a part of the furniture here. By studying on your own your progress will be quicker and you can use the LTL Lunch Club and after School activities to get to know other students, teachers and the LTL staff.

Benefits of Intensive Chinese

  • Why Study Intensive

    Intensive Chinese Courses are the way to go for quick Chinese progression and that’s exactly what we specialise in. Follow our blog and see what the benefits are for studying Mandarin intensively.

    Intensive Chinese Course in China

  • Benefit your Career

    Chinese can open a larger number of doors than you may imagine. Our blog post lists a number of excellent reasons why studying Mandarin may just be the best idea you’ve had in a long time.

    Study Chinese – Career Benefits

Study Chinese in China – Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

You can start on any Monday you wish. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss a starting date subject to availability.

All programs will ultimately be tailored to your language learning needs, however below you will see the most popular programs and their prices. All classes one on one classes are 55 minutes long at LTL and not 50 or 45 minutes like at other schools and centres.

There are absolutely zero hidden charges and zero surcharges when studying with LTL Mandarin School.

All prices are shown in Chinese Yuan.

Duration % OFF Standard Individual
(20h 1-on-1)
Intensive Individual
(30h 1-on-1)
Group & Individual
(20h group & 10h 1-on-1)
1 wk 0% 4,724 7,085 4,658
2 wks -2% 9,217 13,825 9,089
3 wks -5% 13,488  20,232 13,300
4 wks -7% 17,545 26,318 17,301
5 wks -9% 21,396 32,095 21,099
6 wks -12% 25,049  37,574  24,701
7 wks -14% 28,511  42,767 28,115
8 wks -16% 31,790 47,685  31,348
9 wks -18% 34,891  52,337  34,407
10 wks -20%  37,823 56,734 37,297
11 wks -22% 40,590  60,885 40,026
12 wks -24% 43,200 64,800  42,600
13-52 wks -24% 3,600/wk 5,400/wk 3,550/wk

Minimum duration: one week
Maximum duration: one year
Starting: on any Monday
Duration of each lesson: 55 minutes
School location: Beijing Central Business District

No additional fees or charges

Textbooks and study materials: included in the price
Assessment and course design: free
Registration fee: none
Visa invitation: fully available

Connection Kit

Our Beijing Connection Kit is a great opportunity to meet local friends straight away. Let us make your life easier with our personal student ambassador and our personal Chinese language exchange friend. Find out more about our Connection Kit here.

Extra LTL Mandarin School Beijing Programs

Beijing Safari

Where better to learn Chinese than on the streets of Beijing? That is exactly what the Beijing Safari program is for. Learn how to order your favourite dish at a restaurant, learn how to buy pair of shoes you love and learn how to get your train ticket to see the Terracotta Warriors. There is no better place to study and immerse yourself in Mandarin, than on the streets of Beijing.

Your Chinese teacher will accompany you at all times. They are experienced around the City and know exactly where to go and will make sure your current Mandarin level is catered for.

A Beijing Safari lesson is split into 3 parts:

Warm up – Your Chinese teacher will explain what you aim to achieve in the upcoming lesson. This will include understanding any vocabulary and sentence structure needed.

The Safari – Go and explore the streets of Beijing and put that Chinese into practice. Overall there are twenty different Safari scenarios to enjoy.

Cool Down – Any questions? Any issues? Everything will be reviewed in the cool down including any new vocabulary you may have picked up along the way.

IMPORTANT – Our Beijing Safari is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 10 hours a week of individual classes. After this, you may then upgrade those hours of class to Beijing Safari.

Please note – Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Beijing Safari

1 Week Upgrade – 500CNY / 2 Week Upgrade – 900CNY
  • Ideal for Mandarin Beginners at level A1/A2
  • Only available in Beijing
  • 10 hours a week of your 1 on 1 will upgraded to Safari
  • Two week’s maximum course length
  • Beginners level only
Discover Beijing

Discover Beijing and immerse yourself fully into the Chinese language as you learn Mandarin at some of China’s most historic attractions. This outdoor study program allows you to pick up and practice your language skills with locals on the move at the likes of the Temple of Earth, Ancient University and many more.

This program is a 1-on-1 upgrade like the Safari. To book this course, you must first choose a program that includes at least 20 hours a week of individual classes. You can then upgrade after booking.

Please note – Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Beijing Safari

1 Week Upgrade – 1,000CNY / 2 Week Upgrade – 1,800CNY
  • Only available in Beijing
  • Suitable for all Chinese levels A1-C2
  • 20 hours per week 1 on 1
  • Maximum of 2 weeks

What our Beijing students say

Sara  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The teaching method really makes the difference. My experience here was perfect to say the least. Thanks to my teacher, I now believe in myself to speak and understand Chinese"

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Ben Testimony for LTL
United States
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I decided on LTL due to the size and the reviews I read. The classes in Beijing were great, nothing to complain about. Doing an individual class is great."

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Kathryn Testimony for LTL
United States
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"LTL to help me reach my goals. I greatly increased my vocabulary, I have more confidence speaking Mandarin, and I can discuss a broad range of topics." I am eager to pick it up again.

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Angelina Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"My aim was to start to be able to speak Mandarin in daily life, expand my vocabulary and improve my grammar. I found my Chinese 1on1 classes at LTL both challenging and very useful."

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Tanya Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This is the third time I take Chinese classes at LTL. I can honestly say that LTL is the best of language schools. They opened a branch in Taipei, that’s my next destination."

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Julia Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I LOVE BEIJING! It's great. An amazing place for speaking Mandarin. The subway system is the easiest in the world and the food is great even though everyone in Germany told me it's bad."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Chinese lessons take place?

Full time classes take place at our Chinese Learning Centre in the heart of the CBD in Beijing.

We are located near Da Wang Lu which is Line 1 and 14 of the Beijing Metro.

Will I progress with Individual classes quicker than Chinese group classes?

Yes you will.

With the individual class everything is up to you. If you want to learn quicker, you can. If you want to learn more speaking over writing, you can. With groups the teachers have a number of students to cater for. Individual classes make quicker progress.

Do I have just one teacher?

On some occasions yes, on others no but we do ask if you have a preference please do tell us.

We will strive to provide what you prefer. This will depend on your current ability and teacher availability. Whether you have 1 or 3 teachers, this won’t make a difference to your progress.

All teachers meet and discuss classes so you will not cover the same topics twice. In Chengde as we have fewer teachers it maybe a tad tricky to provide to your preference but we will do our utmost to help.

6 hours a day seems a lot of Chinese. Will I be OK with this amount of hours?

On the face of it 6 hours can sound a lot of time to study a new language but we assure you it will not feel this way.

Our lessons are planned to be fun and informative. You will generally build a solid rapport with your teacher meaning you often become friends. This takes the learning element away some what.

You will also find with 6 hours per day your Chinese ability rockets pretty high, pretty quickly.

Extreme Chinese Immersion

Group lessons look more fun, I want to meet people as well as learn Chinese, what do you advise?

Although group students get to know their classmates our individual students don’t remain without friends! Absolutely not.

The LTL Lunch Club and Social events are the real times to socialise and get to know each other. Most of our students take up individual courses and the friendships they build are outside of the classroom. Do not let this put you off. Your progress will be quicker learning individually and this is ultimately why you come to LTL.

That said, if you are keen on a group option on a lesser budget then our budget Chinese course might be an ideal option for you.

Beijing Social Life

I want to hear what previous students of LTL think?

There’s many ways you can do this, let’s help:

We also have an active presence online throughout the internet. If you want to hear it for yourself, then let us know and we can put an ex-student of LTL in touch with you!

I want Individual lessons, what next?

Speak to our Student Advisor by opening a live chat on this page or hit the Contact Us button above. We look forward to you joining the LTL Community.

Other Courses

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    Study Chinese in Beijing in a small group at a time that is suitable for you. LTL Mandarin School offers you first class Chinese lessons with fully certified and experienced teachers.

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  • 1-on-1 Classes


    Studying Mandarin 1 on 1 in Shanghai is a sure-fire way to improve your Mandarin ability. All the focus is on you, and you learn what you want to learn, and what you need to learn.

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