Learn Mandarin in Taiwan – 1 on 1

Learn Mandarin in Taiwan with LTL’s 1 on 1 classes. Our individual program is specially tailored to your language needs by our experienced teachers in the heart of Taipei.

Our 1 on 1 Mandarin classes are a great way to make quick progression when learning Mandarin, you will get full, 100% attention from your teacher with tailored lessons.

Learn Mandarin in Taiwan - LTL Students and teachers group photo

  • High quality lessons in Taipei
  • Tailored Lessons
  • Super Speedy Progression
  • Pre Chinese course assessment
  • Very flexible schedule
  • 24/7 support from LTL

It is also a great way to focus on what you want to learn, whether that be reading Chinese characters, listening or writing Chinese.

Before coming to LTL in Taipei, we will do an assessment of your current Chinese language skill to better understand your needs. This assessment helps us prepare your lessons based around your existing language level, your needs, and your own wishes.

The assessment will usually be done through Whatsapp, Skype, or a phone call.

  • Full Time Individual Chinese Classes

    Full Time Individual Chinese Classes

    Efficent Learning – Quickest way to learn is 1 on 1

    Customized – Each class is specially adapted to each student

    Personal Focus - Classes are based on your needs and wants

    Intensive – 20 or 30 hours per week will see your Chinese improve fast

  • Flexible Mandarin Classes

    Flexible Mandarin Classes

    Fine Tune – Let us adapt your needs into Mandarin classes

    Flexibility – You set the schedule, and we work around it

    Excellent Value – The longer you sign up for, the bigger the discount

    One Teacher or more – Whatever you prefer, we’ll strive to provide

  • LTL Student Support

    LTL Student Support

    Personal – Every and each student is important to us

    24-7 Support – Our staff and student advisors are here for you

    Advice – Where to go? What to eat? We will help you

    Have fun – Learn and have fun

  • Join the LTL Family

    Join the LTL Family

    Community – Staff, students and teachers. We're all friends

    Lunch Club – Join when we go for lunch or order in

    Friends – Friendships to last a lifetime

    Social Club – Several exciting and fun events each week

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Full Time Individual Mandarin Classes

1 on 1 intensive classes are the quickest way to improve your Mandarin. To make sure that you get the most out of your stay at LTL Taipei, we offer three different Mandarin courses as outlined below:

Standard Individual Chinese Course – 20 hours of Chinese lessons per week. This can be with one or two teachers, this will depend on your preference and on teacher availability. Lessons will be tailored around you and you decide what you want to learn and at what pace.

Intensive Individual Chinese Course – This includes 30 hours of Mandarin a week which is broken down in 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday. A sure fire way to rapidly enhance your Mandarin ability.

Small Group and Individual Chinese Course – 30 hours of Chinese lessons per week is broken down into 20 hours of small group class and 10 hours individual. 4 hours of group classes per day and 2 hours individual.

No matter which course you chose, we will make sure that you will get the most out of your stay with us in Taipei. Don’t worry about the social aspect, as even with 1 on 1 classes there will be many opportunities to socialize and make friends after class. Join our lunch club, and our after school activities and you will be sure to make new friends, and explore everything Taipei has to offer.


Benefits of Intensive Chinese

  • Why Study Intensive

    Intensive Chinese Courses are the way to go for quick Chinese progression and that’s exactly what we specialise in. Follow our blog and see what the benefits are and much more.

    Intensive Chinese – The Benefits

  • Benefit your Career

    Chinese can open a larger number of doors than you may imagine. Our blog post lists a number of excellent reasons why studying Mandarin may just be for you.

    Study Chinese – Career Benefits

Mandarin Courses – Starting Dates

You can start on any Monday you wish. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss a starting date subject to availability.

Study Chinese in Taipei Classes – Pricing (NTD)

All programs will be customized around your language learning needs, however we have compiled a list of the most popular programs and their prices. All 1 on 1 classes at LTL Taiwan are 60 minutes long, and not 45 or 50 minutes like at other schools and learning centres.

There are absolutely zero hidden charges and zero surcharges when studying with LTL Mandarin School.

NOTE – All prices are listed in NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS.

Course Standard Individual Intensive Individual Small Group & Individual
Duration 20h 1-on-1 30h 1-on-1 20h group & 10h 1-on-1
1 week 21,248 31,873 20,953
2 weeks 41,460 62,190 40,884
3 weeks 60,674 91,010 59,831
4 weeks 78,925 118,387 77,829
5 weeks 96,250 144,375 94,913
6 weeks 112,683 169,024 111,118
7 weeks 128,257 192,385 126,475
8 weeks 143,004 214,506 141,018
9 weeks 156,956 235,434 154,776
10 weeks 170,142 255,213 167,779
11 weeks 182,591 273,887 180,055
12 weeks 194,332 291,498 191,633
13-52 wks 16,194 p/w 24,291 p/w 15,969 p/w

Minimum duration: one week
Maximum duration: one year
Starting: on any Monday
Duration of each lesson: 60 minutes
School location: Central Taipei

No additional fees or charges

Textbooks and study materials: included in the price
Assessment and course design: free
Registration fee: none
Visa invitation: fully available

Connection Kit

Our Taipei Connection Kit is a great opportunity to meet local friends straight away. Let us make your life easier with our personal student ambassador and our personal Chinese language exchange friend. Find out more about our Connection Kit here.

Extra LTL Mandarin School Taiwan Programs

Taiwan Safari

One of the best ways to learn Mandarin is to practise out and about on the streets on Taipei. That is exactly what our Taiwan Safari program will help you with. Learn how to do all the basic things you’ll need to get around Taiwan, how to buy a train ticket, how to order your favourite foods and drinks, how to bargain for your favourite pair of shoes. There’s no better way to get to grips with the Chinese basics than really immersing yourself and getting out there and practising.

Your Chinese language teacher will accompany you at all times on the Taiwan Safari program. All LTL teachers are experienced and know their way around Taipei. They’ll make sure that your safari program is suitable for your Mandarin level.

Taiwan Safari classes are split into 3 parts:

Warm up – Your LTL teacher will introduce the lesson topic to you, and go through any vocabulary and sentence structure needed.

The Safari – Get out there, explore Taipei and put that Mandarin to the test. We have 20 different Taipei Scenarios to try.

Cool Down – You will review everything you’ve learnt during the safari session during the cool down. You can go through any new vocabulary you picked up on the way, and ask your teacher about anything you didn’t understand.

IMPORTANT – Our Taiwan Safari option is a 1-on-1 course upgrade. If you’d like to book this course, you must first choose a program which includes at least 10 hours of 1-on-1 classes per week. You can then upgrade those hours Taiwan Safari classes.

Please note – Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Taiwan Safari

1 Week Upgrade – 2,249NTD / 2 Week Upgrade – 4,049NTD
  • Perfect for Chinese Beginners at level A1/A2
  • Only available in Taipei
  • 10 hours of your 1 on 1 will upgraded to Safari per week
  • Maximum of 2 weeks course length
  • Beginner levels only
Discover Taiwan

Discover Taiwan and at the same time fully immerse yourself into a Mandarin language environment. This study program allows you to visit some of Taipei’s historical and cultural attractions while picking up and practising your language skills with locals in these areas.

Like the Taiwan Safari program, this program is an upgrade for 1-on-1 classes. If you’d like to book this course, you must initially choose a program which includes at least 20 hours of individual classes per week. You can then upgrade those hours to the Discover Taiwan program.

Please note – Students are responsible for any purchases made on the Discover Taiwan program

1 Week Upgrade – 4,498NTD / 2 Week Upgrade – 8,097NTD
  • Only available in Taiwan
  • Suitable for all Mandarin levels A1-C2
  • 20 hours per week 1 on 1
  • Maximum of 2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I progress with Individual classes quicker than Chinese group classes?

Yes, with 1 on 1 Mandarin classes, everything is up to you and your needs.

The pace will be up to you, if you want to progress faster, you can. If you want to learn more speaking than writing (or vice versa), you can.

In a group class the teachers attention is spread across several students, and the pace and curriculum are set.

Do I have just one teacher?

Sometimes, yes. If you have a preference, please let us know and we will take it into account. We will do our utmost to provide what you prefer.

This, however will be subject to your current ability as well as teacher availability. You can be sure that whether you have one or several teachers you will never cover the same topics twice as all of our teacher communicate between classes.

Six hours a day seems a lot of Chinese. Will I be OK with this amount of hours?

Six hours can sound like a long time to study, but in our experience you will not feel this way.

We know that people learn differently, and our classes will be set up to be both enjoyable as well as informative. Learning for six hours every day will also see your Chinese ability improve quickly, but of course it’s a challenge and, especially early on, there will be a lot to take in!

Group lessons look more fun, I want to meet people as well as learn Chinese, what do you advise?

Just because you are in an 1 on 1 class doesn’t mean you won’t meet people!

To help you meet new friends, students and locals alike, we offer The LTL Lunch Club, and various social events. Don’t worry about the social aspect, the friendships you will build will happen outside the classroom.

Your progress will be quicker with 1 on 1 classes, and in the end this is why you’ve chosen LTL Taiwan. The social life is great whether you do individual or group classes.

I want Individual lessons, what next?

Speak to our Student Advisor by opening a live chat on this page or Contact Us. We look forward to you joining the LTL Community.

What Our Students Say

 Elixabeth Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

LTL Taiwan was a good choice for me. I really liked my classes and both my teachers (Eden and Shu) were great. They really know how to teach. I really enjoyed my time here, and I'm actually coming back to study here some more next month. Can't wait!

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Nicolo Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

LTL was super. My teachers Anna and Willy and I studied 4 hours per day with them in Taipei. The teachers were very friendly and adaptive to my needs. For example, I gave them suggestions and new ideas for his methods, and they adapted around that.

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Amanda Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Regarding Ren, she's one of my favourite teachers ever. She's great. We like to talk about all kinds of things. Vocabulary for research, which is great because I'm on a doctorate program and will be doing interviews. We talked about all kinds of stuff.

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Oliver Testimony for LTL
Hong Kong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I really enjoyed my time in the mainland but wanted to try something different so having noticed that LTL opened a branch in Taiwan, I jumped at the chance to join. I really like it, it's a great place to learn Chinese. I'd love to come back to LTL again

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Azren Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The first week my teacher was Jessie. She was the best, probably one of the best teachers I've ever had for any language. The teachers connect to make sure we continue from one to another. At the school itself, the space is a really good.

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