Learn Chinese Online

Want to get a head start and prepare for your arrival in China in the best way possible? Or perhaps you just finished your language course at LTL and want to keep up your Mandarin skills while you’re back home?

Our Learn Chinese Online courses might be just the thing you need.

Why not get a head start and prepare for your arrival in China with our online preparation Chinese package.

This introductory course will be taught via Skype or WeChat (or another video app if you prefer) by our expert teachers, who also teach our full-time and part-time courses at LTL

Learn Chinese Online

  • Prepare for China before arrival
  • Choose between a Basic or Comprehensive course
  • Continue your classes with your LTL Teacher
  • LTL teachers are experienced and fully certified
  • Supplement your course and experience fast language progression
  • Learn in your own home

We also offer a Continuation Course where you can keep on with your studies at home once you finish you LTL course. 

  • Join the LTL Family

    Join the LTL Family

    Top Teachers - Keep learning from your teacher when you go home

    Community – Become part of the LTL family before you arrive in China

    Friends – Make friends to last a lifetime at LTL

    Long-term – Join community of students around the world

  • Make the Fastest Progress

    Make the Fastest Progress

    Prepare – Come to China with 10 comprehensive modules under your belt

    Rapid Progression – Learn as much as you can inside and outside of class

    Continuation – Don't let your progress slide when you go home

    Everything Covered – Learn the essentials for living in China

  • Convenience


    Comfy - Get started learning Chinese in your own home

    Weekends/Weekdays - Choose the program that suits your schedule

    Consistency - Continue studying with the same teacher and textbook

    Schedule - Organise a schedule that suits your lifestyle

  • Certified Teachers

    Certified Teachers

    Certified - hold a “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language” BSc or MSc

    Fun - our teachers make your class fun and interesting

    Experience - LTL teachers have 5 years of teaching experience or more

    The Best - our teachers are some of the finest in China

Learn Chinese Online – Preparation Course

Learn Chinese Online with LTL Mandarin School

Learn Chinese Online

Our Learn Chinese Online program is a pre-arrival course designed for complete beginners. It will get you ready for all the situations you might encounter during your first few days in China and will make sure that you are well-prepared.

You can choose from either the Basic option which will be 10 hours of classes, or the Comprehensive option which is 20 hours. The Basic course includes five modules that we think are essential for a beginner Chinese learner coming to China. The Comprehensive course builds on this, offering five further modules. Each module is a 2 hour class.

If you choose the Basic option you can schedule all of the classes on weekends, whereas for the Comprehensive course you would need to be free on some week nights too. There will be a fixed schedule, the same for each week arranged for you and your teacher. Please also bear in mind that, this course must booked around 6 weeks before you come to China to make sure you have enough time to schedule the classes and complete all the modules. Take a look at the modules covered in both options below: 

Basic Course Modules

Five modules are included which are as follows:

  1. Introductions – all the basics for meeting new people
  2. Food – how to grab a bite to eat and survive your first few days 
  3. Airport – everything you need to know when you first land in China 
  4. Accommodation – learn the basics to communicate with your landlord or host family
  5. Transport – Getting around by taxi or taking the subway in China

Comprehensive Course Modules

Basic modules plus:

  1. Supermarket – how to do your day-to-day grocery shopping
  2. Bank – Chinese for your banking needs 
  3. Travel Kit – survival vocab for travelling around China
  4. Make a friend – talk about your hobbies and interests
  5. Find our School –  helping you to prepare for your first day of classes in LTL

Preparation Course Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

Course Option Basic Comprehensive
No. of Hours 10 20
No. of Modules 5 10
Schedule (Fixed) Weekends Only Week days & Weekends
Price (CNY) 2,362 4,724


  • 10/20 hours of Chinese class before coming to China
  • Taught by a fully certified Chinese teacher
  • Learn Chinese before arriving to China and continue when going back home

Learn Chinese Online – Continuation Course

Person typing at a computer, holding a book

Learning Chinese Online – Get your Mandarin ahead fast

If you’re worried about forgetting all the Chinese you have learnt during your time at LTL and want to keep progressing your Chinese level once you return to your home country, then our Continuation course is just the thing you need.

If you would to like to study with the same teacher you had at our school in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengde, we will do our best do arrange it for you. This might mean you would need to be a bit more flexible with your availability.

The classes will be arranged to suit both you and your teacher’s schedules. You can keep studying with the same materials you used in China, or of course choose to study with new materials too. We will try to arrange your program to make sure your studies are as smooth as possible. 

If you have any immediate questions regarding our Learn Chinese Online program please contact us either via the contact form above, of the live chat feature at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Continuation Course Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

No. of Hours Price (CNY)
20 4,724
30 7,131
40 9,217
50 11,521
60 13,488
80 17,545
100 21,396
  • Each session you have with your teacher would be a minimum of 1.5 hours/class. 
  • The minimum no. of hours that can be purchased is 20, and can go up to as many as you would like.
  • You will have a fixed schedule, the same every week. If give your teacher at least 24 hours advance notice in you can rearrange a class if necessary.
  • In case you do need to cancel some of your classes, remember you need to take the classes at the very most within 2 years of your booking.

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