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All ages and nationalities welcome! Come and Learn Chinese in China with us today.

Join our centrally located Beijing School and study Chinese in China with our wonderful LTL community. Our group programs will allow you to make friends with your classmates and experience first rate Mandarin lessons simultaneously. Our fully certified teachers will help enhance your Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Chinese classes in Beijing with LTL are specifically kept small. 

Learn Chinese in China at LTL Mandarin School

  • Learn Chinese in China
  • Open to all age groups
  • Fully certified and first-rate teachers
  • Groups average under 3 people
  • Maximum of 6 students
  • Friends from around the world
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening

This is to allow you to form a close bond with your teacher and fellow students and increase the speed in which you learn Chinese.

Our school is a comfortable and friendly environment to study Mandarin and you will be made to feel at home at the best Chinese language school in China.

  • Full time Chinese Classes in Beijing

    Full time Chinese Classes in Beijing

    Chinese Classes in Beijing – Averaging just under three students per class

    No more than six students – Average class size less than three

    Friends for life – Get to know fellow students

    Diverse lessons – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

  • The Best Teachers Around

    The Best Teachers Around

    Certified – We are strict, only the best teachers join LTL
    Experienced – At least five years teaching experience
    Qualified – All teachers hold a degree in Teaching Chinese
    Diverse – No day is the same, lessons are fun and unique

  • Speedy Mandarin Progress

    Speedy Mandarin Progress

    Learn fast – Your progress at LTL will be swift
    Learn efficiently – Improve conversational Chinese day to day
    Learn with friends – Help each other along in our classes
    Learn from the best – Our teachers know the methods for success

  • First Class Service and Support

    First Class Service and Support

    Community – We pride ourselves on being a tight knit family
    24/7 – Emergency? We are always here to help whatever the hour
    Knowledge – Years of experience mean we can advise daily
    Student Advisor – Always here to assist you with any queries

Learn Chinese in China – LTL YouTube Channel

Learn Chinese in China – Group Classes

Learn Mandarin with other students in our small and intimate Chinese courses.

Here’s the deal:

  • You’ll have no more than five class mates and lessons last for 55 minutes.
  • The average class size consists of less than three.
  • Lessons are split into 70% oral and 30% reading and writing so everyday you learn something different

This means you can make quick progress and meet friends to last a lifetime.

Build a strong rapport with your Chinese teachers and enjoy our diverse lessons. Our Beijing centre is located in the CBD of the City. If you are after further immersion, then our LTL Immersion Program could be exactly what you are looking for.

Our teachers make LTL great and they are the reason our Chinese courses are so popular with students.

Mandarin lessons are diverse, unique and great fun to be a part of. They are experienced and know how to get you where you want to be, fast. Our Director of Studies will make sure you are partnered in the right class, with the right teacher.

If you already know some Mandarin, then you are free to start on any Monday of the year. If you are a complete beginner, then you can start on anyone of these Monday’s below.

2019/2020 Chinese Course Starting Dates

  • 27 May 2019
  • 17 June 2019
  • 01 July 2019
  • 15 July 2019
  • 29 July 2019
  • 12 August 2019
  • 26 August 2019
  • 16 September 2019
  • 07 October 2019
  • 28 October 2019
  • 18 November 2019
  • 09 December 2019
  • 30 December 2019
  • 20 January 2020
  • 10 February 2020
  • 02 March 2020
  • 23 March 2020
  • 13 Apr 2020
  • 04 May 2020
  • 25 May 2020
  • 15 June 2020
  • 06 July 2020
  • 20 July 2020
  • 03 August 2020
  • 17 August 2020
  • 31 August 2020
  • 21 September 2020
  • 12 October 2020
  • 09 November 2020
  • 30 November 2020
  • 21 December 2020

Pricing (Chinese Yuan)

Duration % OFF Standard
(20h group)
(20h group + 10h 1-on-1)
1 week 0% 2,296 4,658
2 weeks -2% 4,480 9,089
4 weeks -7% 8,529 17,301
8 weeks -16% 15,453 31,348
12 weeks -24% 21,000 42,600
13-52 wks -24% 1,750/wk 3,550/wk

NOTE – All prices are listed in Chinese Yuan

All textbooks and learning materials are included in the below prices which are listed in CNY. The longer you book Chinese lessons at LTL, the greater your discount will be. Discounts amount up to 24% if you book for 12 weeks or longer.

We also offer a special discount if you book your Chinese course over the Christmas period. Visit our Discounts and Supplements page to find out more.

Other Useful Information

Personal Assessment

Our personal assessment is something we do before you come to take you Chinese classes in Beijing.

This is a way for us to understand your level of Chinese which is vital for our Director of Studies when placing you in a class. We pride ourselves on matching our students in the best possible class to enhance further learning.

You will speak to us via Whatsapp, Skype or a phone call

NOTE – Our assessment is not a test.

The assessment will involve a short chat with our Director of Studies and a number of basic questions. We do the rest.


Our Chinese Language School is located right in the thick of the Central Business District. There are plenty of restaurants and shops around if you wish to eat lunch outside of school or go shopping. We also have a gym located in the complex and we have a common area for all our students to eat food, relax and study.

The nearest metro stop from the school is Da Wang Lu which is located on Line’s 1 and 14 of the Beijing Metro. The school is right next to Exit B of Da Wang Lu Metro Station.

No Other Fees

We want to make absolutely sure to you there are no other fees involved bar the course fee. No registration fee, no accommodation finding fee, no textbook fees. The prices listed above will cover your whole course. If you need help to find accommodation, we can assist you as well. Find out more about our Accommodation in Beijing.

What Our Students Say

Frederic Claerhout Testimony for LTL
Frederic Claerhout
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Our teacher also made sure that there was enough room for personal accents and questions. In general she really encouraged us to speak, read and write. In conclusion I would say that I’ve made real progress. A lot faster than I would have in Belgium. I can’t wait to go back for a third time."

Read More

Annalisa & Cristina Testimony for LTL
Annalisa & Cristina
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The classes and the organisation and how things were explained suited both of us very well. The teachers repeat things a lot focusing on the pronunciation, and correct us when we say something wrong. We really like this. We liked the LTL lessons a lot."

Read More

Jean-Paul Lacombe Testimony for LTL
Jean-Paul Lacombe
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"11 weeks at LTL have flown by and it’s been a great experience that I’d recommend. If you are on the fence, just make the jump. I decided to sign up for the Small Group Classes with some individual as well, at LTL Beijing. My Chinese lessons were great fun."

Read More

Henrietta  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

LTL students had a variety of backgrounds I was reassured not to be the only ‘oldie’ in my group class. There is a sociable atmosphere and I particularly liked the fact that teachers and students ate lunch together. I look forward to returning for the even more immersive program!

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How well qualified are your teachers?

Our teachers make LTL the success we are.

All our teachers hold a University Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and on top of that they have at least 5 years teaching experience. You have to be the best to work at LTL and it shows in our lessons.

When you come to study Chinese in China you are in the best hands possible.

What materials are used and what is a common lesson structure at LTL?

Every student has different goals aims but ultimately the group class is all about getting your Mandarin ahead as quickly as possible.

Your speaking, reading and writing will improve daily and you can further enhance that by adding on one of our 1 on 1 programs.

Chinese Classes in Beijing – 1-on-1

Where will my classmates be from?

All four corners of the World.

We’ve hosted over 100 different nationalities at LTL and that is only growing. In over a decade of providing Chinese lessons in China we’ve hosted well over 3,500 students.

Will I be able to speak much in a group class?

Yes everyone gets the chance to speak.

This is a key reason why class sizes are kept small. Every student will get ample opportunities to speak Mandarin in class. We believe strongly in getting every student talking as early as possible.

You are learning Chinese in China, so you have to make the most of the opportunity and talking Chinese as much as you can, is vital.

What are your school facilities like?

Our Chinese language school in modern, tidy and comfortable.

It’s a great environment to learn Chinese in China, and due to our tight knit nature we make everyone feel at home immediately.

We have 17+ classrooms, a kitchen with free tea, coffee and beer and a safe and relaxed place to study Chinese.

How is the Intensive Chinese Course beneficial even more so?

An intensive Chinese course in China will enhance your experience here simply for the fact your two hour 1 on 1 tutorials will drill home what you’ve learned in your group class.

In four hours, we will teach you new grammar concepts, new vocabulary and new ways of speaking.

You can then apply all of this on your own with your teacher in the individual classes. There are a load of benefits that come with an Intensive Chinese course in China as you’ll see by clicking the link below.


Can I get lunch at the school during break?

Yes of course.

In our Beijing centre we order in traditional Chinese food everyday. Just speak to our staff and get yourself signed up. There are also many places locally to eat as well so your are spoilt for choice whether it be local Chinese food or more western options. Once school is over there are a tonne of things to do in Beijing, even free things!


Can I aid my Chinese learning by studying Chinese on my phone?

This is something we really recommend when commuting.

Every little bit of Chinese helps and luckily for you we have a host of apps to recommend. Our favourite Chinese learning apps are featured in our blog. We rate and review them. Included are Duolingo, Skritter and Chineasy.

We also offer a discount on signing up for some of these apps. Speak to us in the school and we will confirm the details.

We also have some great Online Chinese Programs to start your off with the basics before you arrive in China and to help keep your Chinese up to scratch when you go home too.

Can I go travelling after my language program?

Of course you can.

There are lots of interesting places to visit in China as well as great things to do in our school cities. Make sure you discuss an outline of your plans with your student advisor during the booking process to make sure you’ll have enough time on your visa.

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