Internship in China

Illustration, LTL has hosted over 1000 interns so far

Are you ready for an invigorating adventure and the chance to learn a new business culture with an Internship in China?

Do you speak fluent English skills and are at least 18 years old?

Then you can fit right into the LTL internship program. The Internship duration can be anywhere from 1 to 6 months and while Mandarin skills are beneficial, it is not required.

Having your internship organized by LTL will mean that you can put your mind to rest. LTL offer you support, not only during the sign up process, as our student advisor can be contacted 24/7 during your time in China to help you with your needs.

We are confident we will find the right internship for you and can also offer you comfortable accommodation in great locations and a jam packed social calendar. Everything you need to make the most of your time in China. LTL offers an Internship in China Program in both Beijing and Shanghai, let us organize the right internship for your future.

Internship in Beijing

China’s capital city and the home of Chinese culture

Being an intern in Beijing and working abroad is not only an incredible opportunity to give your CV an extra boost that will make you stand out, but also a lot of fun.

In addition to gaining great work experience you will discover the capital of China, 5,000 years of history and its fascinating culture.

You will make friends from all over the world, explore Beijing’s incredible night life and dive into what is one of the world’s fastest growing and changing countries.

Internship in Shanghai

China’s Biggest City, in terms of size and opportunity!

Interning in Shanghai is also a great chance to not only learn about Chinese work culture but also gain some work experience in a field of your choice while discovering an exciting metropolis.

Shanghai’s history doesn’t quite go back  as far as Beijing’s, but it does have an extremely unique background and some incredible sites to explore.

You’ll get to experience this one of a kind city all whilst feeling like a local Shanghai resident. Come to Shanghai and experience one of the biggest, most thriving cities!

Internship in China – What Our Interns Said

  • Why Intern in China

    Why Intern in China

    Forefront - At the heart of the growing global economy
    Mix - Ancient culture and modern architecture
    Stand Out - China looks impressive on anyone's CV!
    Discover - Incredible world heritage sites to explore
    Study - Opportunity to learn Mandarin in China

  • Why Choose LTL

    Why Choose LTL

    Variety - We offer a wide range of internships in many industries
    Rest at ease - Accommodation and airport pickup are included
    Support - Great customer service both in and out of China
    LTL Family - Our own thriving international social community
    Days Out - Many (mostly free!) trips and excursions for you to join

  • The Companies

    The Companies

    Placements - Internships are offered in both small and large companies

    Industries - Choose from marketing to medical, sports, media and many more

    Fast growing - Beijing’s economy is developing very fast

  • Make Friends

    Make Friends

    Friends - Easy to meet other interns in the LTL Beijing community
    Fun - Friday night drinks, weekend trips and sight-seeing together
    Intern Community - All are young, new to China and in this together
    International - LTL interns come from all over the world

LTL Internship in China – The Process

Interning in China is a once in a lifetime adventure. You get impressive international work experience to add to your CV, the chance to explore an incredible ancient culture and you get to make a new international group of friends.

Step 1 – Apply

Email us the position, industry, location and dates you are looking for, ask any questions you might have and once you are ready, decide on the program you want.

Step 2 – Organize

LTL organizes Skype interviews with suitable companies until you agree to an internship. Receive the signed contract, visa documents and pre-arrival information.

Step 3 – Arrive

Get picked up from the airport and come to the LTL welcome breakfast. Join the LTL intern community for events, drinks and activities, and use the LTL support whenever needed.

Internship Options and Prices (Chinese Yuan)

LTL offers internships in two separate programs. Our Internship and Accommodation program is available from four weeks or more and includes accommodation as well as inclusive support. Our Internship Semester program lasts for a minimum of 16 weeks and up to a maximum of 22 weeks and includes four weeks of accommodation and a four-week intensive language course. For more details and prices, see below. 

Option 1: Internship and Accommodation

This option allows for flexibility and ease. We will help find you an internship for as little as four weeks, up to a full year. The program includes:

  • Organization of an internship within a company in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Accommodation throughout your stay in a shared apartment small room
  • Pickup at Beijing/Shanghai airport upon your arrival
  • 24-hour support in China
  • Visa assistance
  • An international LTL social community
  • A weekly trip, organized by LTL free of charge (expenses to be paid on the day)

Your included accommodation is in a shared apartment small room. Our shared apartments in Beijing are based next to the Communications University, just a few stops on the subway from the Central Business District and allow for more freedom during your stay. Our Shanghai location is equally as central. The bathroom is shared and bedding and towels are provided. Apartments are shared with Chinese students and possibly a foreign student or intern. There is limited use of kitchen facilities (fridge and microwave only) but there are many very cheap local restaurants located within a few minutes’ walk. WiFi and bills are included.

PLEASE NOTE – All prices are listed in Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Duration % OFF Internship & Small Standard Apartment
1 month 0% 16,105
2 months -31% 22,115
3 months -41% 28,515
4 months -46% 34,915
5 months -49% 41,315
6 months -51% 47,715
extra -60% 6,400/month

Internship Program Upgrades

With the Internship + Accommodation Program, it’s possible to make upgrades on your accommodation and by adding Chinese classes to your internship.

Accommodation Options

Room Downgrade (Beijing ONLY) 

Live in an economy shared apartment – discount of 2,200 CNY / month

Room Upgrade
Live in larger room with private bathroom + 1,800 CNY / month

Homestay Upgrade
Live with Chinese family which includes breakfast and dinner + 1,800 CNY / month

Chinese Courses Upgrade

Learn Chinese while working
4 hr/week group or 2 hr/week 1-on-1 class at your office + 1,440 CNY / month

Emergency Internship in China 

We will help you to find your internship within less than two weeks after you booked the program. Recommended only if you are very late with your booking and we always recommend to organize this all much earlier. However if you are really late, we got you covered.

Price: +3000 CNY
Option 2: Internship Semester


The internship semester program lasts for a minimum of 16 weeks.

Start your adventure in China by taking 4 weeks of Intensive Chinese classes at our language school in Beijing or Shanghai.

Accommodation is included for these four weeks in either a local Chinese Homestay (great for those wanting to experience local Chinese culture and improve their language skills quickly) or in our Shared Apartments (a budget option that’s perfect for those wanting more freedom).

These Chinese classes are taken in small groups (maximum of six students), last for four hours a day from Monday to Friday and are organized for your Chinese level. They are a great way of meeting new friends in the city, getting involved with the LTL social calendar and most importantly, will give you some needed Mandarin language survival skills.

At the end of your four weeks you will be able to navigate the subway, ask for directions and order your dinner in restaurants.

PART TWO – After four weeks LTL will assist you in finding your own further accommodation free of charge. If you wish to stay in your current homestay/apartment, this can be arranged for a fee if the school is told in advance. Your internship now begins.

You will get six hours of Chinese group classes (two hours, three times a week) included during the duration of your internship, taken outside working hours. These will help you to keep up your Mandarin level.

NOTE – If no group class are suitable for your schedule/level, LTL will offer you two hours of 1-on-1 class a week at your school, office or home.

This is the perfect internship program for those wanting to incorporate work experience with a new language skill and are looking to make a lot of friends both locally and internationally. Included are the following:

  • Airport pickup on arrival in China
  • A four week Chinese Language Preparation Month at our school in Beijing or Shanghai with accommodation for these four week
  • An internship in a company agreed upon by you in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Part-time Chinese classes throughout your internship
  • Assistance with finding accommodation for the duration of your internship
  • 24hr support in China
  • Visa assistance
  • The LTL social life – become part of the family
  • Weekly event or trip, organized by the school
Duration Small Room Shared Bathroom Large Room en suite bathroom Homestay incl. breakfast dinner
4 months 21,204 23,304 26,876
5 months 22,644 24,744 28,316
6 months 24,804 26,904 30,476
7 months 26,244 28,344 31,916
+1 week 360 360 360

PRICE INCLUDES: Internship Finders Fee + Four Weeks of Chinese Class pre-Internship + Four Weeks Accommodation (three variants) + Part Time Chinese Classes to take during your Internship

Each program includes 1 month full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part time Chinese classes.

If you sign up for 4 months this includes : 4 weeks at LTL studying Chinese then a 12 week Internship

If you sign up for 7 months this includes : 4 weeks at LTL studying Chinese then a 24 week Internship

Please note: One month = Four weeks. Other durations available

Available Internships in China

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Daniela Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I chose LTL Mandarin School knowing that it could offer me the program that best suited my needs and my Chinese knowledge. Working for LTL gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, all very useful for my career.

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Kevin Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My name is Kevin Riehl, I am from Germany. Between my bachelor and master studies I performed a gap year. During the whole time I was living in a Chinese homestay, which I can definitely recommend.

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Alina  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was an intern almost for 6 months. All my supervisors were professionals and the knowledge I got in marketing will definitely help me with the job search. Thank you LTL for this experience and to my team, love you guys!

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Lisa Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I really enjoyed both my internship and China. I learned a lot during my time in Beijing, both about architecture and how an office works in general but also, what it means to work in a Chinese team and company in China.

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Frederic  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The best advice for anyone planning a trip to China is to be open-minded and to be willing to try new things. Progressing with Chinese is possible while interning! Even small Mandarin skills really helped me.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are the working hours?

Normal working times in China are 40 hours per week. When exactly you will start and finish your work every day will depend on your company. This is a good question to ask during the interview.

Am I allowed to take holiday?

It will depend entirely on how long you stay and your company’s polices. Sometimes you will and sometimes you will not. This is a question you should ask during your interview.

Are the Internships in China paid?

Once again, it depends on the company and the Internship you take on. Some will offer you a stipend or pay you a certain amount to cover food allowances for examples. Others will be unpaid. Ask during your interview so both parties are fully aware of the situation

Do I need to be able to speak Mandarin?

No, Mandarin is not required for doing an internship in Beijing. Fluent English language skills however are and all other languages are a bonus. However, some companies only consider applications from interns who do a Chinese course in Beijing before their internship. This is mainly to make sure that the intern had time to settle into China in a safe and supported environment and is ready to work when starting the internship instead of struggling to sort out daily life. This is quite important because during the first few weeks in Beijing a new arrival needs a lot of support in organizing life here, which is easily available at a Chinese school but not necessarily at a company. Many employers do not want their HR departments spending half their times helping newly arrived interns sort out daily life problems.

Do you recommend booking a Chinese course?

We do but this is entirely up to you. Learning Mandarin in China is a great way to boost your CV skill set and make you stand out from the crowd. It will also make your day to day life in China much more comfortable. You will not need Chinese skills for your Internship but it’ll make certain tasks such as asking for directions, topping up your phone or going shopping, that bit easier.

Will I definitely get an Internship?

Every applicant is different but we have over ten years of experience when dealing with Internships and we do not fail when it comes to placing people.

What industry could I work in?

China hosts a wealth of Internship options which range from sales, marketing, tech, law, medical, engineering, hospitality, medical, translation, education, IT, import/export, sports and many other areas. The country is incredibly dynamic with a host of opportunities to develop your career.

When should I book?

In general as early as possible, because the more time we have to organize the internship the more choices you will have. However, it is possible for us to organize an emergency internship within less than two weeks if you are really late. You will definitely have to be more flexible on your choices in that case though. Most people apply about half a year before coming to China.

What is important during the job interview?

As a participant of the LTL internship program you will skip the application queue and get an interview with the company straight away. However, during the interview the company will decide whether you are a good fit or not, so make sure you present yourself in a professional manner. Each company is different and if you have any specific questions regarding an upcoming interview with a company ask your internship advisor. Also make sure you ask a lot of questions during the interview. Only you can decide whether this internship is right for you or not, so get as much information as possible.

How can I apply?

Just send us a message through our contact form (link contact form) or an email to [email protected]. Let us know what you are looking for and we will have you signed up in no time. The more details regarding yourself and what you want you can give us the better. If you already have a CV, please email it to us too, however if you do not yet this is not a problem and we will help you with creating one.